Our services:

Concrete Evaluation – moisture testing, ph testing, mil thickness testing, bond strength testing and more. 

Concrete prep and cleaning – tile removal, diamond shaving, scabbling, scarifying, shot blasting, diamond grinding, power scrubbing, power sweeping, vacuuming, etc.. We have all the latest, state of the art equipment for a safe working environment. 

Concrete Coatings – sales and installation of all Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyaspartic Products. Decorative Systems include Metallic, 3D, Glow in the Dark, Black Light Reflective, Quartz, Vinyl Chip, River Rock and many more. Some specialty products are Moisture Vapor Transmission Primers, Electrostatic Dissipating and Conductive Systems, High Wear Systems, UV and Abrasion Resistant Systems and Acid Resistant Systems such as Novolac and Vinyl Ester for containment areas. You name it, we install it. 

Concrete patching and Joint repair – a wide variety of products are available to repair any concrete damage and to fill saw cuts or expansion joints from Urethane Caulking to  Polyurea and all sorts of different epoxies. Flexible, semi-rigid and rigid products that can be applied from 1 mil (one thousandth of an inch) thickness up to several inches thick.

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