Epoxy: Metallic / Black Light Reflective / Glow in the dark

Epoxy Flooring has come a long way from back in the day, with the additives available today there isn’t much that you cannot do! Here at Epoxy Floor Store we are having a lot of fun installing unique applications for different individuals in locations everywhere. 

The Metallic portion of this system gives the marbleized  look and our glow flake broadcast gives the black light reflective and glow in the dark effects. 

Looks great with the lights on / during the day and with the lights off / at night.

I have been installing Epoxy Flooring all of my life and have become an artist of sorts. I’m having a blast doing what I love to do and I’d love to help you! 

Give me a call. (260) 668-4212. Thanks! 

Brandon Mase

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