World of Concrete 2017

Back when I started going to the WOC conventions in 1995 it was being held in cities all across the nation such as Orlando, FL. and  New Orleans, LA., now it is held every year in Las Vegas, NV.. I have a lot of great memories from these shows throughout the years, it has always been an opportunity to take a breather yet reflect and focus on business, that’s my kind of break from work. In fact, it has been these shows that has taught me there is no work life and play life, there’s just life and you damn well aught to make the best of it all. I love business/work, I love family and having fun, I love having thought provoking and in depth conversations about the things that matter most in life!

It seems as though the shit that matters most gets worked out when we are in Vegas, maybe it has to do with the drinks?!😉 The picture above is of my father and brother and I from a couple years back, they aren’t able to come this year and for the first time ever it will be just my wife and I. I like to think EVERYTHING happens for a reason and although I will miss this usual time spent with my father and brother I’m looking forward to having a good chunk of time to further discuss my wife and our children’s involvement and how things look moving forward.

Vegas Bound! Thanks A&B (Andy Mase, Barb Mase, Dustin Mase and Tracy Engle), thanks for the memories and thanks for the opportunities! Comin’ home with another new toy for work 👍🏻

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