There are so many variables to giving a Per Square Foot Price that we simply cant dial it in to a specific number without having some information on your specific project first, using the Request Quote Page is a GREAT start.

Some of the things that will effect the pricing per square foot are:

*Overall Square Footage of your project, the less square footage you have the more per square foot it figures up to be.

*Which System (Look or Style) you would like to go with

*Whether or not your concrete is newer, if it has been poured within the last year or two there is a good chance that you’ll need an MVT Primer to combat moisture in the slab, moisture content (Emissions) for a coating are a whole lot different than simply having the concrete cure.

*Whether there is any resurfacing or patching to do

UNFORTUNATELY it is a case by case basis for bidding this process. One thing that may help save you some time is a starting point, it will likely cost more than $4 PSF for your project!

1) Evaluate the slabs moisture content and PH by performing a Calcium Chloride test and PH test!

2) If your readings are above 3 pounds you’ll need a specialty primer!

3) Regardless of what product you use, you’ll need to shot blast your floor, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! Its not the 1960’s, Acid Etching is not an alternative. By shot blasting you create a roughened surface which will require you to use more product but it will ensure that your product will adhere and become an integral part of the slab. A Concrete Surface Profile of a 5-6 is desired for optimal adhesion!

4) Choose a product that will hold up, don’t purchase a product thats half water, purchase a Lift Truck rated 100% Solids Epoxy product so that you’ll have the durability you need!

5) You should strongly consider the cost down the road in a year or two and not ONLY the cost NOW! The irony is that in the long run you don’t save any money by NOT shot blasting and applying a cheap product. It simply will not last and you’ll not only spend just as much, if not more, in the long run but it will be a bigger pain in the neck! This is why our motto is “If you’re going to do it, Do It RIGHT!”